We start September 6th


There's no doubt there has been a lot of heavy energies percolating, and when you're energy sensitive, it can feel debilitating.

If you've been wanting to lay down some of that heaviness and be in a sphere dedicated to lightening up your energy and revitalizing your wellbeing, then Freedom Into Flow is an experience you'll want to join.

If you've been expending your precious energy on that teeter-totter, wanting to let go of the past while at the same time grasping for a different future, it's time to pause, breathe, and recover your inner power.

In this space and time together, I'll be your steward to assist you in seeding a new vision, a guide to help you redirect your focus onto clearing out the old, and witness you in your personal truth embodiment. 

Are you ready to lay down the heaviness and experience freedom into flow?


6 Weeks of Authentic Embodiment: Freedom Into Flow


The Framework

The original imprint and foundation of your authentic self. Embodying your design.


The Mirror

Making peace with false identities and cultural conditioning. Bathing in your worthiness.


The Bridge

Moving from a constant state of chaos to ease and simplicity. Elevating your frequency.


The Medicine

Healing through compassion, self-love, and forgiveness. Cultivating harmony.


The Rebirth

Honoring your energy through integration of new practices. Deepening into unshakeable self-trust.


The Temple

Coming back home to yourself, a sense of belonging. Celebrating newfound freedom in flow.

What you can expect during these 6 weeks


Each point of this journey of freedom into flow focuses on deep, positive transformation in a way that is unrushed, untamed, and unexpected. You will be guided and supported through teachings, healing, and personal awakening.


By joining this Freedom Into Flow experience, you will:


~Learn how to lovingly embrace and embody your authentic self.

~Clear stagnant energies and past shaming so you can bathe in your worthiness.

~Bring more simplicity into your days through the elevation of your life-force energy.

~Silence the self-critic and negative mind chatter to cultivate harmony through self-love and confidence practices.

~Honor yourself in a way you may have forgotten or have never done as you deepen into trust and self-appreciation.

~Open up new portals to abundance and prosperity within you and the world.

~Spark hidden creativity and vitality to expand into limitlessness.

~Celebrate the beautiful life being that is you as you welcome yourself back home and ground into belonging.

~Receive playlists, journal prompts, and effective practices to integrate and implement long after these six weeks.


It's time to give yourself the permission to step out of the heaviness of life and become enlightened, enriched, and embodied.

Hi, I'm Nancy

I'm an embodied leadership, life, and business guide for conscious soul-led women and service-based owners who are ready to energetically align their business aspirations and life's mission to create an authentic foundation of limitless growth and expansion.

When you take the time to know who you are, to understand your nature, your heart, and your deep soul callings, life begins to show up in all the ways you want.

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Early Bird Bonuses

Join by August 23rd and you'll receive a savings of $50 plus a private 90-minute 1:1 session with me. Why a bonus? Because I have a soft spot for anyone who is ready to make significant change. If this sounds like you, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the I'm An Early Bird button.


If you're not ready yet or need more time to decide, I encourage you to join the waitlist to not only secure your spot but to also receive updates. As a waitlist member, you'll also receive some added value and benefits!


Early Bird


with bonuses

  • $50 savings off regular price
  • 90-minute 1:1 private session
  • Guidebook and Roadmap
  • 6 weeks of live Zoom calls
  • Holy Fire® Reiki Healing
  • Private Group Portal
  • Follow-Up Call



Pay in Full Price After 8/24

  • Guidebook and Roadmap
  • 6 weeks of live Zoom calls
  • Holy Fire® Reiki Healing
  • Private Group Portal
  • 30-minute energy assessment
  • 45-minute Follow-Up Call

Payment Plan


2 payments

  • Guidebook and Roadmap
  • 6 weeks of live Zoom calls
  • Holy Fire® Reiki Healing
  • Private Group Portal
  • 30-minute Energy Assessment
  • 45-minute Follow-Up Call