The Last Thing You Need Is Another TO DO List


As a woman leader, you are being given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a unique and improved foundation in which to build a business from that facilitates a healthier, more responsible, and sustainable work-life balance.

The old ways of doing business no longer applies, and it's up to you to become part of a paradigm shift that will benefit all as a collective.


It IS possible to be successful, happy, and prosperous without risk to your sacred wellbeing or heart-centric vision. 

That’s where I come in with a simple, effective, efficient and proven program that guides you into a healthier, sustainable work-life balance.


An opportunity to BE more so you can DO more, and finally stop depleting your reserves so you can fully... 


Lead With Your Energy!


When you're aware and tuned in, you can work from your aligned energy. You work healthier and happier, not harder.


By giving yourself permission to be a priority, you help every other woman see not just your light, but their own light too.  


When you work with energy, rather than against it, you open up opportunities and possibilities to stay on your path and in purpose.


~Nancy Jackson of Authentic and Aligned

As a Women's Energy Empowerment Specialist and Business Success Strategist... 

I'm passionate about empowering you to create a successful work-life balance from a place of higher value, vibration, and vitality!

If you think for one second that I don't understand the need to prove that what I do matters, and that somehow I must show up as something greater than myself, no matter the cost, than you need to know that I've been there! My goodness, I've been there!! My every thought, breath, and belief was tied into what I produced!

I lived it and I breathed it. But let me tell you something...YOU AREN'T DEFINED BY WHAT YOU PRODUCE!!!!

I didn't know that at the time, and I've always considered myself a pretty smart cookie...but I wasn't as smart as I'd thought.

I didn't listen to my needs, from my body, heart, soul, or mind, and I spent years completely unaware of energy.

I learned the hard way after ignoring the whispers and shouts from my body...until I had no other choice but to listen when an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder forced me to come to a very hard stop.

I went from driven to depressed, from successful to barely able to breathe, and it took me YEARS to reclaim my health.

I educated myself in every area of health and energy healing possible, applying it all, no matter the cost. And after healing myself, I began guiding and healing others into their best and highest self.

Energy is my MISSION, my PASSION, and my life's PURPOSE.

At 48 I have more vitality than ever, and it's that vitality...that lust for life...that I want for you too! PLEASE don't wait until you're left with an ultimatum to make changes.

I'm the last one to say it's easy. I'm the last one to say I ever wanted to admit my shortcomings, especially as a woman.

I never wanted to admit to my weaknesses. I never wanted to admit to my vulnerabilities.

If I'd had someone supporting me with what I'm able to support you with...I'd have saved myself a great deal of time, energy, and emotional heartache.

I can say this because I also stopped believing in the illusion that I knew everything.

I didn't like admitting that as truth, but the moment I finally did...doors of opportunities and possibilities opened up WIDE, and my world CHANGED!!!

Polly Bagley, Follow Your Sunshine

Nancy helped me to let go of some of the limiting beliefs that I'd long held and to protect and enhance my energy and intuition. My business is now thriving, my personal life is unrecognizable from just a few months ago.

Rebecca Cross, Stepping Into Greatness

Nancy is an amazing mentor and her approach to support and guidance is out of this world. I’m so grateful to work with her in this part of my journey.

Katy Whyte, Soul Connections

Since working with Nancy so many factors in life have fallen into place and I have up-levelled in ways I couldn't imagine. She is encouraging, supportive and so much more. You won’t regret investing with this wonderful lady! 

Find Your Flow

You can't deprive and thrive.

You are more productive when you love and value yourself enough to pause, breathe, recalibrate, and refuel.

In flow, you:

  • Attract more of what you want
  • Have a greater sense of wellbeing
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Have more vitality, peace, success and abundance
  • Gain more financial wealth
  • Have more time to do what matters
  • Increase your emotional stability
  • Are stronger in your purpose
  • Create more passion, support, and connection
  • Raise your value, vibration, and vitality

Lead With Your Energy 5 month 1:1 Program

$999 (5 months=$333 per month) or $799 PIF

What's included:

  • 2 Monthly 65-minute private 1:1 sessions
  • Complete EP - Energetic Profile which includes: Human Design chart, numerology chart, energy reading, weekly forecasts, monthly forecast, personal year forecast and a designed for and with you protocol that aligns it all - known as the Aligned Edge™
  • Downloadable exercises and worksheets to integrate everything you learn
  • Additional prerecorded videos to watch at your own pace
  • Monthly guidebook
  • Unlimited Support, accountability, focus, direction, and clarity
  • Detailed Session Recaps
  • Invitation to LIVE Unity circles, energy healing, and expert guests
  • Mindfully Energized Essential Oils Bundle
  • My signature Aligned Energy Indulgence Package
  • Loyalty discounts on all future services, products, events, and retreats

Your Work-Life Alignment Is Just A Click Away

You have enough to DO already, let's add more ways to BE.

Schedule a call with me and let's discuss ways to raise your value, vibration, and vitality today!


The lack of a work-life balance isn't doing you or your business any favors


With my expertise in energy psychology, mental health wellness, motivational transformation guidance, human design, Reiki, mindfulness, and other healing modalities, I guide you on how to get the Aligned Edge™ through Conscious Energy Optimization™ Mastery.

Once you have the tools to be the CEO of your Energy, you will have the know-how to work with renewed vitality and healthy sustainability. You won't have to compromise your happiness or be weighed down by guilt, stress, or self-imposed limitations.

Cheryl Lee, Now Is Your Time

Working with Nancy was an amazing experience she has such a huge heart and a great energy which she brings to the sessions. She has really impacted my life and my development.

Fiona Drake, LOA Expert

I loved every minute of working with Nancy. She highlighted areas that I could create even more success in my life, by working on my energy type. She is kind, considerate, with a wealth of talent.

I get it, you're busy, and that's why I'm here to help you create more time and energy for what matters most.

If you're looking for a shorter commitment time, I'm happy to offer my 5 Week Energetic Profile Immersion. Energy empowerment and business success strategies all in one. Short, simple, and super effective.


What's included:

  • Full EP – Energetic Profile which includes: Human Design chart, numerology chart, energy reading, weekly forecasts, monthly forecast, personal year forecast and a designed for and with you protocol that aligns it all - known as the Aligned Edge™
  • One 75 minute session
  • Three 60 minute sessions
  • Personalized PDFs of your Human Design, Numerology, and Personal Year
  • Wrap up session
  • $444 (2 payments $222) or $400 Paid In Full

Your Work-Life Alignment Is Just A Click Away

Schedule a call with me and let's raise your value, vibration, and vitality!


What to expect during our sessions:

  • I guide you easily and confidently into authentic energetic mastery

  • I show you how to restore your energetic immunity through simple yet effective energy preservation tools

  • A personalized protocol to help you exude more radiance, vitality, and value

  • Successful leverage of feminine and masculine energies while dispelling feminine energy myths

  • Increased awareness of burnout signs and how to regain more positivity, focus, and productivity


​We'll release outdated tools, limiting beliefs, and static patterns.​ We'll dissolve the conditioned thinking that hustling and extended hours are the only options for creating a successful and thriving business.

​You'll be empowered to take back your energy, learn techniques to protect your energy daily, strengthen your boundaries, and awaken with a new perspective around the need to produce in order to prove your worth.

And you'll cultivate time and energy for what matters most.


Each session is personalized from where you're at in your journey. You can count on accountability, focus, direction, clarity, and unlimited support.


Are you ready to optimize your energy to expand your empire?

When you make time to pause and slow down you increase your productivity and boost your energy.


When you spend your day in a constant state of thinking, worrying, and stressing about what else needs doing you:

  • Stress your system
  • You neglect nourishment your body needs to sustain energetically
  • You miss details which creates more work later
  • You disrupt your hormones, you teach yourself that it's okay to deprive your basic needs
  • You react rather than respond to situations

One final thought...

I get it!

You can't possibly add MORE into your day so what's the point?

I hear you. I've been there. I felt the same way. Until I learned that I am so much more than just my human shell experience. Until I realized that I'm not defined simply by my job.

I didn't understand energy the way that I do now, and it's why I'm so excited to guide you into this new phase of your evolution.

Things don't need to be harder. You don't need to work harder. I can show you how to ACCOMPLISH MORE by BEING MORE. You don't need to add more to your to DO list. 

I also get that you don't think that investing in your energy is worth it, but it's what will not only expand your empire, it's what will help you leave behind a legacy of gold dust.

How? Everything is energy. YOU are energy. Your energy is gold. What you share - your skills, wisdom, abilities, all of that is gold. What you leave behind is the gold dust. 

With optimized energy you actually draw more to you, you increase your worth, you add to your health wealth, you raise your vibration which automatically increases your abundance, prosperity, and client attraction. 

Your energy is a precious commodity, and you deserve to show up as the best version of yourself.

It's not about just getting things done. It's about a work-life balance where you can be all things to all people, but giving yourself permission to be all things to yourself first. You are worth it. Your energy is an extension of that worth. When you invest in your energy - you invest in the best part of you there is.

When you see your worth you will see the value of investing in your energy

 I see your worth, isn't it time that you did too?