In this 6 week experience, we will journey together through all 8 phases of the moon from New Moon to New Moon, with an emphasis on how to become a more consistent and empowered conscious creator.



  • Enlightenment on which energies and elements best align with each moon phase
  • More clarity and calibration to your purpose through intention and co-creation
  • Effective strategies to navigate your intention journey 
  • Mantras, sound, sigils, and Moondras 
  • Introspective journal prompts that support each moon phase  
  • Support both in group and personalized
  • Additional resources and tools to nurture you through each week (both non-mystical and mystical)
  • A special Moon Circle Ceremony to celebrate and honor your participation, much like a Rite of Passage 



We will begin Wednesday, June 9th and continue every Wednesday until our commencement ceremony on July 14th.

Each session will run 60-90 minutes with time for Q&A, and will be recorded. No worries if you can't stay beyond an hour, I'll make sure the most essential teaching happens within the first hour so you won't feel like you're missing anything.

There will be a private Portal Page with the tools and resources you need to successfully navigate your moonlit path.

Sponsored through the S.A.R.A.H. Wisdom Series - CLICK HERE for more about S.A.R.A.H.

Price for the entire 6 week experience is $55.00 (partial proceeds will be donated to S.A.R.A.H)

***If you don't have/use PayPal but still want to register, please let me know as there are alternatives :)

Everything is energy. The more aware you are the more aligned your journey.


Ready to Shine?

Be inspired by the ever changing phases of the moon to embody and align to your Higher Self.



In an ever changing hustle and bustle world, it's essential to slow down the pace, tune in to the energies all around, and connect to the sacred gifts received from nature, the elements, and the cosmos.

Our Ancestors were some of the most amazing energy readers of our time, and they knew the way to live was by working in unity with the energies above, below, and all around, and to become one with its cyclical, natural rhythm.

The moon is a gentle reminder that we need to nurture and listen to our own life force energy, and honor our rhythm rather than fight it so we can live whole and aligned in spirit, body, and mind.

By following her waxing and waning, you amplify the connection to your Higher Self.


Ready to get your moon glow on?


Radical Realignment and Energy Embodiment Wisdom for Whole Life-Seeking, Awakening Women


Energy is your inner essence, your presence. It's your GOLD!

It takes a true readiness to say enough and make the choice to opt out of old patterns, conditioned illusions, and unmet promises of leading the so-called dream life.

To give your best outer self, the inner self must get aligned. This is where the journey truly starts. A journey to whole-being.

Through awareness you can identify what parts of you are calling for balance. With the awareness you can begin to calibrate to the energies around you and within you. These energies are the resources and tools you've always had but may no longer recognize. They were made to help you navigate the most important journey you'll ever make.

Nancy Jackson, known fondly by her clients as Nancy Drew – Divine Detective, brings her blend of energy alchemy wisdom, and both ancient and modern healing practices to guide awakening women through an authentic whole-self healing journey that realigns them to their conscious creator, while restoring a soulful connection to nature. 

Ready to embody the empowering energy of the moon?

Then let's get Moonlighting With Your Higher Self