Prosper on Your Projector Path

Understand your unique and beautiful energy design for a more aligned and authentic life.

Projectors have the most unique energy design and require different tools and practices than other energy designs. You walk a fine line between the energetic grids of the earth.

Most Projectors find themselves depleted, burned out, and unfulfilled. Of all the Human Design types, the Projector has specific needs to be able to prosper both personally and professionally.

In my work with many Projectors, they've seen their design as some kind of a negative type, but I assure you it's one of the most beautiful energy designs there is.

In 5 weeks, you can learn how to embrace your design and create a life you love.

What we’ll explore over the 5 week journey:

  • Projector Principles
  • Deep Energy Restoration Practices
  • Feminine/Masculine Energy and Personal Year Calibration
  • Akashic Record Exercises
  • Creating and Expressing from Your Higher Self

What you receive:

Sessions are every other week to allow for application and integration

Twice weekly formal email check-ins

My availability is 6 days a week (M-Sa) for any and all questions/motivation/just because

Rune and Oracle guidance

45 minute Follow-Up a month after completion (or of your choosing)

Price $444

*Payment option available




Book a complimentary call with me to learn more about how we can work together on your Projector Path.


Radical Realignment and Energy Embodiment Wisdom for Whole-Life Seeking, Awakening Women


With conscious awareness and calibration of your designed energy, you'll call in your Higher Self frequency


With the right tools to align your authentic energy, you will have the know-how to be and do with renewed vitality and healthy sustainability.



Energy is your inner essence, your presence.

It's your GOLD.